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About Us...My name is Linda and I am the owner of The Palm Beach Candle Company, surrounded by tropical breezes and beautiful beaches, The Palm Beach Candle Company started as a small hobby in my  kitchen in 2006. In my efforts to create a better all around candle my hobby soon grew to an obsession and my company was born.

Our candles have a tropical flavor, as we are very much influenced by our beautiful Florida surroundings. Our wax is a Paraffin/Soy wax blend or a hybrid. Not happy with a 100% Soy or Paraffin wax candle we mixed them together and got the best of both worlds.

How do we create our Super-Scented Candles? By hand, all of our candles are created and poured in small batches, (usually by me) no super huge wax machines here, just good old fashion hard work and a love for what we do.

 Our Beliefs...We believe in making candles that are luxurious and affordable. We believe that all candles should smell great from top to bottom. We believe that when burned properly all wax should be consumed. We believe that candles should bring luxury and comfort to a little part of our daily lives.


Our Goal...It is our mission to create a high quality luxury candle at an affordable price, while being very diligent to reduce and recycle whenever possible. Yes we will reuse shipping boxes and peanuts in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Hand Made...From the moment we pour the wax to the moment we package and label the jar only a few skilled hands are used in the process of making our candles. Each candle is hand made and no two are exactly the same, each one will have subtle variations and characteristics that make it unique and skillfully crafted.

Our Fragrance Portfolio...We use only the best premium ingredients available to create unique and exotic fragrances with a tropical flair.

Our Wax...We use only the best Soy Bean and Food Grade Paraffin wax available to create our proprietary blended "Hybrid Candle". Choosing not to buy  into all the "hype" about either wax, we chose to combine the best qualities of both to create one great smelling candle!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy our candles, because we will be right here making more for your scent pleasure!

Thanks for shopping with The Palm Beach Candle Company!

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